FONASBA holds its Annual Meeting in Dubai


The original acronym, “SAIL” (“Ship Agent Interchange Learning”), neatly summarises the aims and objectives of this new education initiative which combines formal education with exchange visits, thereby giving ship agents the opportunity to spend time working with colleagues overseas. The programme is being developed jointly between ECASBA and the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport in Barcelona and is aimed at middle management staff in ECASBA member countries. SAILNET will initially only be available in EU member states and neighbouring countries (to benefit from existing freedom of movement regulations) but it will later expand internationally.

The formal education element of the course will take place over two weeks. All the students (20 per course) will spend the first week in Barcelona and the following week will be hosted in groups of four in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco and Tunisia. These sessions will cover all the subject areas relevant to the relationship between the agent, the port and the wider transport chain. Practical workshops and visits will also be organised. In the exchange element, students will spend between one and three months in a ship agency office in another participating country, gaining direct practical experience of how the ship agency sector.

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